Foodie Friday: Starbucks Iced Tea Infusions

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For those not in the know, I love tea. From the sugared-up Southern style iced tea to the humble hot peppermint tea, I always make it a point to have at least one cup each day. So of course I decided to try Starbucks new products, the Iced Tea Infusion. These teas are infused with fruits and are advertised as not using any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Currently, they have peach citrus infused white tea, strawberry infused green tea, and pineapple infused black tea. You can also get them with lemonade.

So far I’ve only had the peach white tea (which I got for free during their promotion a few weeks back) and strawberry green tea because at $3.25 (without taxes) for a grande, it’s not a justifiable daily expense when you can buy a box of around 20 sachets for the same price. Still, fruit infused tea sounded nice and I haven’t quite figured out how to replicate it myself.

First, things first, I want to note that I didn’t get either of the teas sweetened (which would put the tea at 11 grams of sugar for a grande size). With that out of the way, let’s talk about the peach infused tea.

Of the two teas, this one is currently in the running as my favorite. I’m a huge fan of peach flavored teas and this tea did not disappoint me. The peach was strong enough to remind that yes, this is a peach tea, but isn’t as overpowering as artificial peach flavoring can be (by the way I’m not opposed to artificial flavoring). Pairing it with white tea was a good call as white tea is a lighter flavor than green and black teas. I will admit, I couldn’t taste the citrus in the tea. It could be that the peach was an overpowering flavor. I wasn’t bothered by it and the idea of citrus and peach doesn’t seem like it would yield a pleasant taste. Overall, I give it a 4/5.

Next is the strawberry infused green tea and boy howdy, does it live up to first part of its name! Even the foam at the top tasted like strawberries! Personally, I’m glad I didn’t sweeten this drink because the strawberries provided a good amount of sweetness. It also tasted refreshing and it may be due to the real strawberries used.

One thing that surprised me was how the green tea didn’t stand out. While green tea is certainly more milder than matcha, it’s still has a distinct taste. Maybe the strawberries were too strong for it. I personally would have paired it with a black tea, but I actually like the taste of black tea. Overall, I give it a 4/5.


I would definitely recommend trying these teas at least once, especially if you’re not the biggest tea drinker. It’s refreshing and a great way to cool off this summer.


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