Take Me to the Greek!: Review of Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

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It’s hot in Texas, y’all. Too hot. Hot enough that I almost said something that might have turned my blog less than family-friendly.

And with the heat comes frozen treats and this week I’m reviewing one of those “guilt-free” frozen desserts, but this time it’s Greek yogurt (remember when that was super trendy?)  I’ve done a review of Halo Top ice cream and it only makes sense to continue the trend. The thing is, these treats are so much pricier compared to your Blue Bell and Store brands! If it wasn’t for a gift card, I may have never tried out them out.


First things first, look at the back of this box. From my own observations, a lot of alternatives to food products such as ice cream, meat, and milk have been using this kind of marketing. They want you the consumer to know that hey, you can have your just desserts and still stay on your plan (which is one reason why I bought them). The temptation to wonder if this was BS was pretty high but one look at the nutrition facts made me reconsider. As you can see, it’s very low on saturated fat (a fat I try to be aware of) and sodium. The amount of sugar is reasonable when you take into account that the average amount of sugar recommended by the FDA based on a 2000 calorie diet is 50 grams of sugar.* There’s also a decent amount of protein if you’re into that.

So it’s relatively healthy**, but how does it taste? Good news: it tastes great. It’s sweet enough that it feels like you’re eating dessert, but not so sweet that you feel like you need to run two miles after eating it. It’s creamy with a nice bit of tartness from the yogurt. The cookie bites are a bit tinier compared to most cookies & cream treats, but they still taste great and there’s enough of them in each bar. If you like frozen cookies & cream yogurt, you’ll definitely like this flavor.

One problem is the cost. The box I bought was around $4.00 USD and you get four bars that are roughly the size of my palm(3.5″ X 3″). That means you’re spending roughly $1 per bar and for this size, it may not be worth it. The costs are balanced out by being relatively healthy while still delicious. Personally, I’ll probably try one of their other flavors (already have my eye on the coffee chocolate chip) since I was satisfied with the cookies & cream. Plus, I’m a single person so I can spread out my frozen yogurt bars over a month or so.


Overall, I give this product a 4/5. Despite its costs, it lives up to its hype of being a healthy(ish) dessert that works great for those watching waistlines while not sacrificing dessert altogether.

*Note: Other sources have a lower number. The World Health Organization suggested that people limit their daily sugar intake to 25 grams.

**Note: I am not a registered dietician. Please see your doctor or dietician regarding whether or not you should include this product in your diet or not.


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