Foodie Friday: [Insert Witty Title Referencing BIGBANG]

Another day, another trip to the Asian Market to try out some new stuff. This time I tried a Chapai Peach Oolong Tea that featured T.O.P., a member of the Korean Pop boy band, BIGBANG. Other bottles featured the other members, but ultimately decided on this bottle because I dig this dude’s pink hair.


As for the taste, it was definitely sweeter than I expected. On the back of the bottle it said it had 0 grams of sugar and no added sugar. Yes one of the ingredients is high fructose corn syrup and had 8 grams of carbohydrates. I’m assuming that whoever added the label made the mistake.


The Label on the Tea

Still, despite the sweetness, it was a great tasting tea. I’m a sucker for teas with peach flavor and it didn’t disappoint me. It’s light and quite refreshing if you serve it chilled. Perfect for this hot weather we’re having now in Texas.

If you want to take it to a whole another level, add sparkling water. You too can feel bougie as you sip on some sparkling peach flavored oolong tea with a boyband member on the bottle.