I’m Still Here

I am here, more present in the world as I walk on the path of adulthood. To anyone following me under the age of 25, I can say for sure that you don’t truly become an adult until your mid-20s. Yes, you’re legally an adult at 18, but your mind hasn’t quite caught up yet. For me, when I hit 25 it was like a light switch was flipped inside my mind and the things I found tolerable in my youth became intolerable and I began to see the nuance in the world.

I’m still here. Still looking like I just graduated out of high school even though I’ve been out for almost a decade. My hair is still curly since my fateful big chop. My weight has changed as I worked out and strive to eat better so I see what my great-aunt saw in her 90s.

I’m just here. It’s a phrase that’s become a bit of a catchphrase for me when faced with an awkward situation. It may sound passive, but I believe the phrase to be one of action. To say I am here is to say I am aware, I am present, and I am ready to do the work.

Readers, J.L. is here and is still exploring the world around her. I am here and will continue to be here for as long as God needs me to be here.