J.L.Tries To Make A Veggie Burger (And Succeeds!)

Something that I’ve been itching to try was a veggie burger. Last year, I unintentionally started a journey of trying various veggie burgers at restaurants and comparing them. One day I’ll write a post highlighting the best veggie burgers, but for now I’m here to show y’all my attempt (this isn’t a recipe post as so much showing my attempt at making a veggie burger).

Since I had leftover mashed sweet potato and needed to get rid of it, I decided to make sweet potato a big part of the burger. A quick search took me to this interesting recipe for a sweet potato and black bean burger from a blog titled Minimalist Baker. My version replaces the rice with rolled oats, omitted out the walnut/pecan meal (which is a thing I just have heard about), and I cooked them on the stove top rather than baking them.

First things first, I drained and rinsed a can of unsalted black beans before mashing them. I then added the sweet potato mash* along with my seasonings and some oats.

Once everything was mixed, I formed them into patties and put them in a lightly greased pan. The patties held up for the most part, though I think an egg would help it stick better, and they cooked quite well. I cooked them until they brown on both sides.

Now comes the assembly. I didn’t go full on vegan with my patty  because I like cheese way too much so you’ll see I have a slice of Colby jack. I added some spinach for some iron and leafy goodness and jalapeno ranch dressing for that creamy, spicy kick. All of it sandwiched between a cut and toasted English muffin. Let me just say that I had a good Friday night when I made this!

The amount I made had enough for at least two or three more patties and trust me, they still taste good! I’m quite proud of myself for making this burger. I do want to experiment more with ingredients such as replacing the sweet potato with mushrooms or do a combination of beans. Either way, I have another recipe in my cooking repertoire.

*To make mashed sweet potatoes, wash and peel your potato, cut into fours and boil them until you stick a fork in them. Then drain the water and mashed them together.

**And to show the trial and error, here’s a patty that broke while I was cooking it. Still tasted great.