Foodie Friday: Favorite Foodie YouTubers

I get a lot of my inspiration from Foodie YouTubers, be it new recipes or new foods to try for myself. Here are my top favorite YouTube channels to watch for all of my foodie needs.

Just Eat Life

Of all the YouTubers listed, they have the least amount of subscribers. A shame really as people are missing out on the impossibly bubbly personality of Jen who makes a variety of food with influences from her Thai and Filipino heritage.

Peaceful Cuisine

While I’m not a vegan myself, I do try to look for ways to reduce my meat consumption (in particular beef consumption) and Peace Cuisine has some of the best-looking recipes that I’ve encountered on the web. What really made me stay was the production quality of the video. Ryoya Takashima turned cooking videos into an art form that invites the viewer to slow down and enjoy the process.

Fit Men Cook

This is the man who inspired my quesadilla recipe and has helped me to be more conscious of my eating habits while still focusing on the taste factor. Doesn’t help that he’s a Longhorn (hook ’em!).

Cooking With Dog 

This channel is a simple cooking tutorial video reminiscent of Julia Child if Child had a dog companion. But its simplicity is its charm as we watched the unnamed chef cook delicious Japanese food with easy to follow steps from her dog, Francis who passed away in 2016.

Gemma Stafford

What’s a list without some desserts? From no machine ice creams (which I keep telling myself I’m going to try) to mug cakes, Gemma Stafford is a creative baker and a joy to watch. What makes her stand out is her ability to explain the process that even a novice like me can understand.


One of the first channels I watched regularly, Ochikeron is similar to Cooking With Dog with her simplistic explanation and style of Japanese cuisine. Her everywoman style makes the tasks less daunting.

Emmy Made In Japan

This channel was the one that inspired me to try Japanese Kit-Kats and to really blog my foodie adventures. Emmy’s attitude towards trying foods, even one she doesn’t like, is refreshing to watch in a sea of critical videos wanting a laugh rather than seriously discussing the flavors.

Alice in Paris

Last, but not least, we have the ever so charming web series Alice in Paris. This little show does a great job of showing off the culture and various restaurants in Paris, France. Alysse Hallali is charming in the role as the curious and always hungry Alice with a fabulous fashion sense. If you prefer a more narrative approach, this is definitely the series to watch.

Honorable Mentions: TabiEats, Dining on a Dime, Food Wishes, Divas Can Cook, and Honeysuckle.