Foodie Friday: Review of Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream

The leaves are changing and Starbucks has unveiled their brand new cups and holiday drinks. What better way to celebrate the full swing of Fall than by buying a pint of ice cream?

Despite being a Southerner, I actually prefer Ben & Jerry and Haagen Daaz to Blue Bell (that’s the sound of all my Southerner friends disowning me). Blue Bell is good, but I like the cake chunks of Ben & Jerry and find Haagen Daaz’s ice cream to be better tasting. So when I heard of an ice cream that was just as creamy as Haagen Daaz without the calories, I was intrigued by this mythical ice cream. When I found out they had a birthday cake flavored, I knew I had to try the ice cream out for myself.


Opening up the container, I could tell it was definitely birthday cake. Or rather funfetti cake with the white color and colorful sprinkles. Or even Dunkaroos (who remembers Dunkaroos?)

But really, y’all want to know whether it tastes good. It is an ice cream that’s trying to be the healthy alternative to other ice creams like Haagen Daaz, so you would assume it wouldn’t taste as good. Lo and behold, Halo Top has managed to find the winning formula for this ice cream. And yes, it does taste exactly like birthday cake. And without the weird aftertaste, you would find in a lot of diet products, you can feel a bit better eating this ice cream compared to the usual suspects.

One thing to note is that you need to keep the ice cream out for a few minutes like it suggests on the carton. It is really hard when you take it right out of the freezer. I’d also recommend having a sturdy metal spoon or ice cream scoop for this ice cream. Even when I left it out for a few minutes, it still took a minute to get a good scoop of ice cream.



Some of the things that didn’t wow me about the ice cream included the price and being a healthy alternative. The ice cream is comparable to Ben & Jerry and Haagen Daaz and certainly pricier than Blue Bell. I will say it’s worth the price, but I can also see being hesitant about buying this ice cream. As for being a healthy alternative, while it’s healthier than other brands, I wouldn’t eat the whole pint like the ice cream implies. Yes, it’s 280 calories a pint, but you’ll notice on the nutrition facts that the actual serving size is 1/2 cup. I also can’t say if the other flavors would be good. I might have been lucky with the birthday cake flavor.


Overall, I give it a 5/5 and would definitely recommend checking out Halo Top.


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