Foodie Friday: Oh Joy, La Croix!

I think we can all agree that soda is pretty worthless. Oh sure, it’s tasty, but what does it do for us? It provides no nutrition (with loads of sugar to boot) and it doesn’t even satiate our hunger like other junk food. And it looks like the rest of America is realizing that too if the falling sales are any proof. Is it any wonder some are switching to sparkling waters with French sounding names? I know I’m now one of the converted of La Croix (pronounced La-Croy).

Like any good foodie millennial, I discovered La Croix at my local Target. They had the individual cans near the checkout area in a few different flavors. As someone who ahs been watching my sugar intake, but misses the fizzy goodness of soda, I decided to give the fruit flavored sparkling water a try.

It was a shock to my system when I took my first sip. Maybe it was my association of fruit with sweetness or its appearance looking like Sprite, but my face screwed up at the lack of sugar. It wasn’t necessarily bitter as so much different. I would have given up on the beverage if it wasn’t for my plan of having a healthier lifestyle so I continued to try more La Croix drinks.

My tip for those who want to give sparkling water a chance is that you have to keep drinking it. Try a can per week so you can get acclimated to having a fizzy drink without sugar. When I drank the stuff frequently (along with limiting my intake of sugar), I found myself enjoying the drink more.  If continual exposure isn’t working for you, I’d suggest adding some fruit into your drink to sweeten it up. I’d also suggest looking into different flavors. I’m a fan of the peach and pear La Croix.

Overall, I give La Croix as a brand an A- with points taken off for the pronunciation.