Foodie Friday: Walburg German Restaurant

[Writer’s Note: It’s been a while since I did a Foodie Friday. I want to make it a feature of this blog and will try to do one once a month.]

German food holds an interesting place for me. While not one of my favorite cuisines (but slowly moving up to the top), I have always appreciated the country where I learned about the world. So when my friend invited me to a German restaurant in Walburg, TX, I had to accept and make it the focus of this month’s Foodie Friday.

Now, I almost didn’t make it. I don’t know if I went too far down one road or missed a sign, but I ended up in another smaller town with a German name. After consulting Mr. Samsung on how to get to the restaurant, I managed to find my way back to meet my friend patiently waiting for me. Tip for those who want to find the place, remember to have a map of sorts with you and to pay close attention.


When I pulled up to the building my first thoughts were “this is truly small town America”. The atmosphere both outside and inside had a very homey feel with a mixture of both American and German influences to create a truly unique looking place. The outside resembled an old store from an older time in America while the inside showed off more of the German roots. Mugs from the country origin lined right side of the wall  complimented by the flags hung from the ceiling.


It was pretty empty save for two other customers, but it was also during the middle of the day on Thursday. I can only imagine the nights and the advertised Oktoberfest brings large crowds. My friend and I both got the Hausegemachte Bratwurst that consisted of two pork sausages, German potato salad, and sauerkraut. While we love us some kraut, I really wanted some spaetzle and my friend was longing for some red cabbage. They will definitely substitute certain sides with no trouble. The sausages were amazing and the spicy mustard

The sausages were amazing and the spicy mustard that accompanied them added a nice kick without overpowering the sausage. The spaetzle was good having the right chewy texture and complimented the sausage perfectly. The German potato salad is not your typical mayonnaise or mustard base potato salad you see at your family’s BBQ. Their version had pieces of bacon with rosemary and lemon seasoning the thinly chopped potatoes.


Of course, I had to try the dessert here, and oh we got a good one with the bienenstich. Bienenstich, or bee sting cake, is made of sweet yeast dough topped with caramelized almonds and filled with cream, in this case, Bavarian cream. It’s not an overly sweet dessert like other German desserts, but it was sweet enough to satisfy my, diminishing as I age, sweet tooth. The cake was dense, yet light. A contradiction, but sometimes you need that in food. The cream was the best part and complimented the pastry and almonds that gave it a nice crunch.


Overall, the drive was definitely worth it for this great restaurant tucked away in a small part of Texas. If you’re in the Austin area, I would definitely recommend taking the drive to go this place and definitely get the bienenstich as your dessert. And if you get lose, just look out for the truck with their name on it.




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