Going Back to the Original

Are you regretting not finishing your degree? Rethinking about letting your old dream die? Maybe you’ve folded too quickly when you should have held out for a little longer. Sometimes when we’re faced with a rut in our life going back to your original plan is the best plan. After all, sometimes the first really is the best.

Problems can arise from trying to go back. Skepticism or exasperation from those around you who wonder why you didn’t do it in the first place.Finances are different (and not for the better) than when you were first starting your plan. Even we can sabotage ourselves by doubting our abilities and engaging with Impostor Syndrome. It makes a person want to keep trudging on their ill-begotten path.

But if you got a heart pulse (sorry vampires!), it’s never too late to go back to what you should have done so long ago. And I have a few tips for getting back to your original plan.

  1. Make a plan. Start with a general outline, then move onto the details. If you’re not good with developing the big picture or the details, find a trusted person who can help you.
  2. Do the plan. Sometimes we get stuck in the planning phase trying to create a perfect plan that we end up not doing anything. Remember, life happens and your plan may be changed along the way.
  3. Tweak the old dream. Say you want to be a filmmaker but you don’t have a huge studio. Tweak it a bit and go the indie route.
  4. Have a support group. The group doesn’t need to be large and I would argue you just need a small group of trusted people whom can both criticize you and uplift you.
  5. Make sure to have relaxation time. You can’t accomplish anything if you’re stressed out.

Admitting that you made a mistake can be a hard one. It can be scary revisiting the past and realizing that old dream was feasible. It doesn’t have to be impossible.  All you got to do is just do it.

Now for the conversation starter: What’s an old dream that you let go that you want to start up again? Please share it in the comments.





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