Pastel Overload: Cherry Blossom Frappucino Review

Spring is right around the corner so prepare for pastel in everything you see, wear, or in the case of Starbucks, drink.

From March 15 to Match 20, Starbucks offered a Cherry Blossom Frappucino in their American locations inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms tradition (the beverage has been available in Japan since 2010). This drink made for Instagram is made with strawberries and cream with white chocolate sauce and a drizzle of matcha syrup and matcha powder sprinkled on the top of the whipped cream.

First things first, this drink is ridiculously pretty. I’m not the biggest pastel fan, but even I’m reconsidering my stance after seeing this drink. Plus, how often can you say the drink looks exactly like the advertisement?

But of course, I’m not running an Instagram account here, we have to talk about the taste.

Despite the name, the most pronounced flavor was the strawberries. And when I mean pronounced, I mean the flavor punches your tongue with the flavor to the point that you forget there are other flavors mixed in. I forgot that white chocolate sauce was even used until I looked up the ingredients for this blog post. This didn’t bother me since I’m not down with the white chocolate like am I with dark, but I’m sure fans of the stuff will be disappointed.

As for the matcha, the already subtle flavor is drowned out by the strawberry flavor. It’s almost like the flavor was used as part of the design and its Japanese roots rather than the flavor. While disappointing to matcha fans, this may make the drink more palatable to those who have no idea what the green stuff is or aren’t too adventurous.

Overall, I give the drink an 8/10. You can’t go wrong with an ice cold strawberry drink and the Cherry Blossom Frappucino gives you that with an added bonus of pretty colors. I’m hoping this means us American fans we’ll get to try more international Starbucks products.