Foodie Friday

Of course, Ben and Jerry would have an ice cream using speculoos cookie butter. Of course, I had to go and try it and share my experience with y’all. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Foodie Friday without some pictures.

Let’s get this out of the way: it was okay.

Creating an ice cream utilizing cookie butter and speculoos is a great idea and there are elements that work well. Having speculoos pieces throughout the ice cream proved that Ben & Jerry’s strongest advantage are their cake and cookie pieces (the red velvet cake ice cream is still one of my favorite ice creams) and they bring their A-game here.

For a strong flavor like speculoos, vanilla is the way to go and thank goodness they have it in here. While the container does say it has dark caramel ice cream, the caramel wasn’t too overpowering and worked in conjunction with the cookie butter and speculoos, creating a not too sickly sweet treat.

That being said, it does fail with a major component of theme: the cookie butter. Full disclosure, I enjoy cookie butter. Especially on a plain waffle or piece of bread, it adds the right amount of cinnamon. Here though, it’s not working as well and the problem lies with it being a solid core in the center. I think swirls of cookie butter throughout the ice cream might have worked better.

And it could use more cookie pieces (then again, all ice cream could use more cookie or cake pieces).

Overall, the ice cream wasn’t too terrible, but man, it’s going to be taking up space in the freezer for while. And I’ll be reminded of the ice cream as I go to get out my gluten-free waffles from the freezer to spread some cookie butter on them and saying that I will finish the ice cream at some point.



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