The Doer and the Planner at War

[Based on this prompt:]

There are two approaches when it comes to creating: Be the doer or be the planner. The doer takes action and dives into their work, hoping that whatever they create will work out in the end. The planner is the one who believes in outlines and using a pencil before inking in pen.

For me, I possess both and it feels like they are at war with one another.

The planner in me will have outlines for everything in a notebook, plans for the future that may or may never come to past. Lines struck through sentences and new sentences written above the to indicate new changes in the script or writing. They are more likely to learn from others, fervently reading numerous writing blogs and books.

The planner in me can freeze when it comes to making the art itself. Whether it’s pursuing unattainable perfection or simply having new ideas, nothing concrete comes out of it.

In contrast, the doer has done what the planner couldn’t accomplish. They will pound out a story or a blog post like this in a matter of hours, maybe even minutes and post it for the world. To learn is to use one’s own hands and eyes could be considered the motto of this other persona. And if that means that grammar will be overlooked or an important point was missed, then so be it says the doer.

So, who should take priority in my creative process?

I say it’s time for the two to make peace. The planner can make the doer slow down and make sure the best product is put forth while the doer can shove the planner out of the room of could and should and into the world of action. I do not have to choose between the two as I sit with my notebook in hand with a new plan of attack for this novel.

They are two halves to the whole of my creative self. Neglecting one for another will only stifle my creativity and prevent my from learning to be the best.



One thought on “The Doer and the Planner at War

  1. WorkFoodHome says:

    YES! I can really identify with your post! My husband always laughs as I will often say “we need to make a list”! But he knows the list mostly just stays a list. But then there are the times that I just do… and that is normally when things really happen. I agree, maybe it is time to make peace with it. Because the list really just help me put my thoughts down on paper and seeing it there in black and white always springs me to action – maybe not with what is on the list, but with what should be done next. So let there be peace!

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