J.L. Tries Some German Candies (And Makes Faces)

Germany and I go way back. It was the first place where I could finally start remembering and the place where getting a tiny container of salt was a highlight for my kid self.* I do want to go back someday, but for now, I’m going to enjoy the candies I received.

A family friend recently came back from Germany and brought back gifts for us consisting of incense and a variety of candies. Today, I’ll talk about the candies you see in the picture above. I figured since I’ve shared some of the Japanese candies I’ve tasted, why not these?

First was the Bella Stix by Haribo.


It looks like a more burgundy colored Slim Jim.

What you have here is a solid Slim Jim looking thing of sugar flavored like cherries. I think. Honestly, most of these fruit flavored candies don’t really taste much like the actual thing to me so I’m just going to call it Candy Cherry flavor.

It was pretty good. I’m a big fan of chewing stuff and it does its job. There doesn’t seem to be any differences in the middle stuff and the outer shell besides having your sugar in different textures.

Next was the Katjes.

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This is the kind of candy you eat and pretend you’re getting your daily fruit intake (if it’s orange, it must have Vitamin C, right?) But really, you’re eating sugar in fun shapes that look like something from a Lucky Charms cereal.

The candies were pretty good, especially the pink hearts because pink is always going to be the best tasting flavor just like red Kool-Aid.

The only flavor that I wasn’t feeling was whatever made those dark colored candies. I want to say it was licorice flavor. Could be root beer. Doesn’t matter because it was all kinds of terrible in my mouth that only pictures could truly show how I felt.

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Last were the chocolates that could double as ornaments for those of us who don’t care to go through the whole process of storing ornaments.


I attempted to say these words. I most likely butchered it.

It was a hollowed out milk chocolate bell that reminded me of Kinder Eggs without the potential choking hazards. There’s really not much to say about it except that it’s chocolate and I think European chocolate might be better than American chocolate. Certainly better than a Hershey’s bar (which is not a high bar to jump anyway).

Overall, I’m glad to have tried these candies and get nostalgic about Germany and being with my family. If you can find any of these candies here or overseas, definitely give them a try!

*We went on a salt mine tour. If they still have them, definitely check them out!