Easy Apple Pie Inspired Oatmeal

It’s finally cold down south and I can finally break out the cold winter wear  and eat warm food (we’ll meet again in the summer, snow cones!) And what better way to welcome the cold then by ditching the cold cereal and going straight for oatmeal? (And tacos, but we all know those are awesome!)

Problem is that oatmeal by itself can be pretty bland. It’s tempting to just add a bunch of brown sugar (and I have done it in the past) and call it a day, but why not do a little more with it? Why dread waking up to the bitter cold only to find a bown of bland oatmeal? You’re allowed to love yourself.

To get you started on experimenting with oatmeal, you can try this recipe for an apple pie inspired oatmeal. All you need is an apple of your choice, cinnamon, pecans, and some raw sugar for a little sweetness if you need it.  You can watch my video below to see how I make the oatmeal.


J.Lee Cooks Apple Pie Cinnamon Oatmeal from J.Lee on Vimeo.

Think of my recipe as a template. Replace the apples with bananas, the pecans with walnuts or flax seed. Remember, this is your oatmeal to be jazzed so jazz it up! (Just don’t put glitter in it. That’s a whole different kind of jazz.)