J.L.’s Quick Reviews: Snapple’s Fall Iced Tea

In a sea of pumpkin spiced flavor everything, one lone product stands out in the crowd to show that pumpkin doesn’t have to be the embodiment of fall (and really, why should it?) Enter Snapple’s new flavor Fall Spice.



The drink is definitely something that takes some getting used to as my first sip made me cringe from the sweetness. As you keep on sipping, it doesn’t taste as sweet and is actually a bit more subtle with the flavors. The strongest flavor was definitely the orange,  a surprise for me because I would have assumed Snapple would have used apple flavoring since apples are pretty common in the Fall. While strong, it wasn’t so overpowering that it felt like I was drinking orange juice. The usual suspects of Fall spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.) were present, but it didn’t leave the tea too spicy though I think it could have benefitted from that. Honestly, I think this is the kind of  tea that would be more palatable if hot. I mean, it’s a Fall themed drink so why not encourage customers to pour the drink in a mug and heat it up?

Overall, not my favorite flavor but definitely something I can drink. If you like orange flavored tea, I would suggest checking them out.


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