J.L. Explores NYC Eats Part II: Exploring the World in One City

One thing I love about New York City is the vast amount of different cultures you can encounter. Just walking around Times Square I’ve heard English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, and so many other languages. With all of this in one city, you definitely need to check out some of the cultural offerings.

On our first morning, we went a bit French with breakfast and we went to Cafe Un, Deux, Trois. The cafe wasn’t too crowded though it could be because it was a weekday. The atmosphere was lovely even though the view wasn’t too much to look at. Our breakfast, on the other hand, provided a better view.

Crepes from Cafe Un Deux Trois

Here are my crepes filled with jam and topped with fruit. I also had pork sausages on the side to offset the sweetness of the crepes. In hindsight, I would have gotten the Nutella filled crepes or something savory like the burrito-like crepe my mom had. Still, it was enjoyable if a tad sweet.

Dinner was Ukranian as we decided to take a chance with Veselka. (To be fair, we could have taken the riskier option of a hole in the wall place but we decided to go with the place with actual reviews) I ordered the pierogis filled with short rib and broccoli and cheese while my mom had the fried version that I believed had potato in some of them and a kind of cheese.

Pierogis from VeselkaFried Pierogis

They were served with dishes of applesauce, sour cream, and what looked like caramelized onions. I made the mistake of only ordering four thinking that would have been enough. Fortunately, my mom let me try some of hers and I have to say, the fried definitely tasted better.

The next day, we had a New York staple: pizza. After walking around Times Square, we came across Bella Vita. We ordered a large with one-half being spinach and mushrooms and the other half being sliced meatballs and sausage (a tad redundant but what can you do?)  Either way, the pizza was excellent. The crust was crunchy while still soft, the meat was seasoned well, and the sauce was tasty.

Spinach and Mushroom Pizza Meatball and Sausage

Afterward, we decided to take home some dessert and decided on some cheesecake from Junior’s. I got the red velvet cheesecake and it was decadent. It was also very sweet with a middle layer of just cream cheese icing that nearly overpowered the whole slice. I would still pick Cheesecake Factory’s red velvet over this one, but it was a close contender.

Justin's Red Velvet Cheesecake

On our last day, there was a market on the street in front of our hotel. People yelling out “Arepas, arepas!” loudly as they fried the corn and cheese sandwich on their grills, the smell joining the gyro meat and the taco stands’ scents that showed a different side to NYC.

I bought some new scarves to join my ever increasing scarf collection, the appearance of a bubble tea booth caught my eye. I looked to the menu and saw that they had taro flavor and knew I had to try one. (Blame the Japanese Kit-Kats)

Street Boba

I honestly can not describe the flavor. It was sweet but not in a fruity sense. To me, the closest taste I can make a comparison to would probably be like a vanilla sort of flavor. I’m guessing taro might not be a strong flavor. If you’ve had this flavor before, tell me what you think it tastes like.

Well, so ends part II of my journey. Next week, the third and final part of my NYC Eats series will be published.