Geechie Keen!

This past weekend, the family and I decided to go back to our South Carolina roots and try out Geechie’s in Killeen located in the Village Square Retail Plaza.  Despite being opened since May, I have just heard of the restaurant a week ago after picking up a flyer about the Village Square.


First off, the restaurant is quite beautiful. The walls are painted a bright yellow with a huge mural of a tree on one wall. Mason jars with seashells served as the centerpieces on each table, adding a subtle hint of the roots of the restaurant’s cuisine.

We were a bit disappointed that some of the menu items weren’t on available, but we didn’t let it get us down too much.  And how could we when the food that came out was delicious!


I had a pork sandwich with sriracha sauce. The pork chop was bigger than I expected that I had to trim some pieces hanging off the sides! It was cooked to perfection and seasoned properly. The sauce had the right amount of creaminess and spiciness that didn’t take away from the flavor of the pork chop itself. And of course, the toasted bun helped bring the sandwich all together.

The other items on our table looked and tasted good as well. The macaroni & cheese my mom ordered looked liked it was baked to perfection and had the right amount of cheese to it. The red rice wasn’t too bad. A bit sweet for my taste though my dad said that that’s how it’s supposed to taste so I will defer to his experience.

Last up was the  peach cobbler.


Now, I’m not the biggest peach cobbler fan, sticking to mainly eating the crust if it’s the only dessert around. This cobbler though  was definitely the bomb. The warmth and sweetness of the peaches complimented well with the scoop of vanilla ice cream and the crust. I would definitely recommend trying that dish.

Overall, I give the experience a nine out of ten and would definitely come back here again.