Japanese Kit-Kats Part III: J.L. Attempts to Bake a Candy Bar

So, baked cheesecake Kit-Kats. They’re a thing.


I was in my local Asian market looking for something different to try when I stumbled upon this flavor of Kit-Kat. My eyes lit up when I saw the package next to the other Asian candies and knew I had to buy it. While I do appreciate ordering them online, it’s always nice to be able to buy it in person and not risk them melting in your mailbox.

Cut to this evening, and I decided to open up the package and try one of them.


The first thing that I had noticed was that this smelled exactly like cheesecake! Even my mom who has always been amused and incredulous about buying Japanese Kit-Kats agreed that it definitely smelled like the real thing. Points to Japan on accuracy.

What makes this Kit-Kat interesting is that you can bake it in the oven to replicate the taste of baked cheesecake. I decided to try it after finding the translation to the instructions online. After all, I am an adult who can cook and I’m not scared to bake a candy bar with Japanese instructions!

IMG_3583 IMG_3584

I kept mine in for two minutes but didn’t get the browning effect that others got. I’m not sure if I should have left it in longer or if I didn’t have the right temperature. Let me know in the comments section.  Truth be told, once I saw the candy part start to melt I decided that baking was for the birds and pulled it out, trying to remind myself that this was due to my inability to read Japanese rather than my own baking skills. It was still perfectly edible if a bit melty but I would like to try it as it was intended on the package.

I’ve got to say, of all the flavors I have had from Japan this is definitely one of the most accurate in taste. It was as if they took a cheesecake mixture and spread it around the wafers and put in a package. Even with it “baked”, the flavor was still strong if not stronger.  This is definitely one of my favorite flavors that I have had from Japan and I definitely give them props.

Now, would it go well in the U.S.? Without a doubt! Americans love cheesecake and this flavor nails it. Even if you don’t bake it, it’s still pretty enjoyable and I would recommend trying the flavor.


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