Diving into Power Rangers Part I

You’re walking around a Target or a Wal-Mart and you pass by the toys section. You see the new Power Rangers toys and you get reminded of your own time watching the show and decide you want to see what’s been going on. Problem is you have no idea where to start or if there’s any difference between the series beyond the themes.

This is why I came up with a viewing guide to help both nostalgic and new fans to the franchise with the process. In this two-part guide, I’ll cover the basics of where to watch and how to watch in  Part I and then go more in detail about the different genres themes. Note, these are just suggestions based off my own experiences re-watching the series. If you have any questions, want to point out any errors, or just have your own opinions please leave a comment and I will respond to them.

So with that out of the way, get out your morphers and shift into turbo. Let’s rocket into this Power Rangers Viewing Guide!

Where can I watch it?

 You can stream the series on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Shout! Factory is currently doing DVDs for each series and every series up to Lost Galaxy is available with more to come. For the new series, Dino Charge,  you can watch it on Nickelodeon’s website provided your cable or satellite company is on their list.

I’ve never watched Power Rangers, should I watch Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (MMPR) first?

 Definitely start with the first series. Even if you don’t watch the whole series, it’s good to know how the franchise got its start. Plus, it’ll put a smile on your face with all of its 90s cheese!

 Should I watch every series?

 If you want the whole experience and be able to talk about it on the forums, yes. If you want to see how Power Rangers has progressed as a franchise, look at some of the episodes of each series. Otherwise, stick to what would interest you.

Do I need to watch every episode?

 The only series I would say you really need to watch every episode are MMPR Season 3 and Operation Overdrive because the former has a few multi-parters and the latter constantly introduces new plot points at the end of each episode.

Is there a place where I shouldn’t start?

 You can start pretty much anywhere. I will say starting anywhere between MMPR Season 2 and In Space might leave you a bit confused because all of the series, known as the Zordon Era, are in-continuity with one another.

 What’s this talk about Zordon Era, Neo-Saban Era, and Disney Era even mean?

 These are mostly terms used by the fans and have taken hold. Power Rangers fans have divided up the series into different segments based on what happens in the show and which company was over the show. The Zordon era includes MMPR to In Space with the post-Zordon era being everything after but with more focus on Lost Galaxy to Wild Force.

The Disney era is when the Disney owned the rights to the Power Rangers franchise after buying Fox Family in the early 00s from News Corp and Saban Entertainment. This technically started with Wild Force, but a lot of fans tend to see the Disney era as Ninja Storm to RPM.

The Neo-Saban signifies the moment when Saban bought the franchise back from Disney in 2010. The first series of this era is Samurai and is still continuing with its current series, Dino Charge.

Go onto any forum and you can see quite a few discussions over which era was better, what’s the best series in each era, should this company have kept it, and so forth.

Part II will be coming up soon and we’ll start to get into the real nitty gritty of what to watch. If you send me your questions in the comments or on my Twitter, I may just answer them in the next post!