J.Lee Explores…..Buc-ee’s

In a rather uncharacteristic move I decided to take a drive to look at a Texas staple, Bucc-ee’s.

For those of you who aren’t frequent travelers of Texas Buc-ee’s is a convenience store and gas station that is perhaps one of the biggest ones you will ever see. It’s part Wal-Mart, part tourist trap and the best representation of “Everything’s bigger in Texas!”

At least that was my first thought as I finally found the location. Missing it would mean you were blind, your navigator was blind and your GPS system has the same intelligence as Homer Simpson. I was astounded by the sheer number of gas pumps available to everyone (no line waiting here) and the numerous parking spaces that rivaled most stores.

But my real mission was to go inside this massive store.

As you enter the store the first thing I noticed was all the Texan paraphernalia. Now this may be my bias talking but I have to say that Texas has the market when it comes to marketing itself. Texas-shaped souvenirs, those magnets that little kids lose, and of course the store’s mascot, a beaver with a huge grin on its face, everywhere. It’s the kind of stuff you get from people coming back from vacation and put in the back of the closet or pantry because seriously, how often are you going to use sweet potato butter?

If you can manage to get past that half of the store you enter the food part. I swear it’s like a mini H-E-B in there. I was greeted by the sounds of one of the workers calling out numbers for people to retrieve their order of gigantic meat sandwiches. I saw cinnamon rolls the size of my head, a variety of fudge, and enough snacks to satisfy even the most finicky of children. I can see why some people close to the store would come here for lunch.

I myself tried the plain sausage kolache.


Normally, I’m not too fond of the bread on a  sausage kolache but this bread was pretty amazing. Soft, warm and the kind of bread you can just eat by itself. Put a sausage with a kick to it and you got the perfect kolache.

Overall, it was an interesting experience and a stop I would recommend if you’re traveling anywhere in the state of Texas.