J.L. Explores…..Japanese Kit-Kats Part Deux

This month I continued my exploration of sweets from other countries with another sample box of Kit-Kats from Japan. Now, an interesting story about this package is that I thought I got the wrong one. The box was for the Pepper flavored Kit-Kat and I had to contact the people who sold it. Turns out the assortment was put in a different box. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the apple and cheesecake flavored Kit-Kats and got another Sweet Purple Potato flavor. I did get a new flavor with an Easter Rabbit on it so not a complete loss.

IMG_2896 IMG_2897

The first one I tried was the one with the Easter Rabbit on it (and yes, Texas heat struck us all and melted the candies.) Of all the flavors I tried I could not place this one and the only flavor that seemed to match the packaging was the 2015 Easter edition that was supposed to taste like apple pie. While sweet, I certainly couldn’t detect any hint of apples. If you know what flavor this one is, please let me know.

IMG_2899 IMG_2902

The second was the Azuki Bean/Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich. Now I have tried a red bean pastry before so I had an idea of what the flavor was supposed to be like. This candy tasted exactly like it that I had to wonder what Willy Wonka magic they pulled to get that flavor. I also wondered what they did to my taste buds because I actually liked the flavor.

IMG_3062 IMG_3066

The third one was the Chili Pepper/Yawataya Togarashi Kit-Kat that lives up to its name. By first glance, smell, and taste you would think it’s just normal dark chocolate. You bite into it and you get dark chocolate and you wonder if maybe they got this wrong until the pepper comes up to punch you in the tongue. As for the actual flavor, it’s not a bad flavor. Or at least whatever wasn’t being overwhelmed by spice. It’s also not that sweet either.

IMG_3067 IMG_3072

Lastly, we have the Rum Raisin. For this candy I went to the cabinet to find some rum extract that I could smell and taste to see how closely the Kit-Kat got to that taste.Let me be the first one to say that tasting rum extract is a terrible idea as I found myself gagging, reminding myself I was doing it for the sake of those who would read this review. So dear explorers, the Rum Raisin Kit-Kat is accurate if a bit on the sweeter side. The candy coating threw me off as I was expecting a brown color rather than the cream color in the package.

Final Thoughts:

I think the Rum Raisin would be loved by most Americans though the Chili Pepper would have a place with the foodie/adventurous Americans. Red Bean would be more niche, in particular in areas with a high Asian population.

As for me, my favorite was the Red Bean. Not sure if it’s being a mature twenty-something but I much prefer candies that aren’t too sweet or will kill my tongue and Red Bean fits the mold. My least favorite was the one with the Easter Rabbit on the package if only because the flavor was bland and much too sweet.

As always if you want to try Japanese Kit-Kats you can buy them on Amazon, eBay, or any website and local store that specializes in Japanese snacks and food. If you do try some, please tell me your thoughts. What were your favorites? Least favorites?


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