Georgia On My Mind: Will Georgia Become the New Hollywood?

In a recent article by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, five Georgia film studios are forming an alliance in hopes of supporting future film and television production and education endeavors in the state. The group will be known as the Georgia Studio and Infrastructure Alliance that includes Tyler Perry Studios, Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta, Triple Horse Studios, Mailing Avenue Stageworks, and EUE/Screen Gems Studios.

So what does this all mean?

From what I can tell, Georgia is really trying to leverage itself as the place to be for film and TV right up there with New York City and Los Angeles. The Atlanta Business Chronicle has already reported that the industry accounted for $5.1 billion impact on the economy in the last fiscal year, a high jump from the $242 million in 2007. This move isn’t totally surprising to me since I’ve noticed the tell-tale sign of the Georgia peach in the credits of quite a few shows lately and have known that Georgia has tax incentives for those who come to work here.

As for the alliance itself working, I think it’s got a great chance. The alliance has already partnered with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s office and Georgia’s College and Career Academies to help to develop a training curriculum for careers in the film and television industries. This shows a good amount of foresight on their part, in particular with the training curriculum. Having this curriculum will keep the students from the schools and universities (such as the Savannah College of Art and Design) to work in Georgia instead of elsewhere. Not only that, it may entice graduates from out-of-state universities such as NYU, University of Texas at Austin, or UCLA to come work in Georgia (not to mention it may be cheaper).

If the alliance does work, the next question is will other states implement their own. Would Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios want to ally themselves with other Texas studios? What about in New Mexico or Louisiana?

Also, tell me your thoughts on the alliance and whether it should be implemented in other states.