Media Quickie: Spider-Man in MCU

If you haven’t already seen, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios are now going to allow some intermingling among their franchises. Essentially, Spider-Man will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and characters from the MCU may appear in the Spider-Man franchise. While this doesn’t mean that Marvel Studios will have complete control, it does mean that the two will collaborate together concerning the famous web-slinger.

So why do it?

Mostly it’s for cross-promotions. According to IGN, neither studio will receive a cut of the money from their respective films (i.e. Marvel won’t see any of the revenue from a Spider-Man movie). While Amazing Spider-Man 2 performed well worldwide, domestically it struggled. By having Spider-Man be a part of the MCU, you can reach the domestic audience who has grown to love the film franchise and fulfill the desires of those who want to see Spider-Man trade witty remarks with Marvel’s resident snarker, Iron Man. This would mean a boost in promotions from either side.

Second, breathing new life. In the same article in IGN, some sources are reporting they’re going to go back to high school and hire a much younger actor than the recent Spider-Man actor, Andrew Garfield. Sony has probably seen the creative power Marvel has behind them and are hoping this collaboration would work for Spider-Man. Marvel will gain some of that as well as they have access to a whole slew of characters that was previously unavailable to them.

In my opinion, I think this is a good move for both companies. Marvel finally gets to play around with their biggest hero and Sony can revitalize the franchise after the lukewarm reception towards the last Spider-Man movie.

The next question is will this Spider-Man be Peter Parker. Obvious answer is yes but Miles Morales, the Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe, could be a contender. We’ve also seen studios be more open to the idea of having a person of color headlining their super hero film and Miles Morales could be the one.