Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Quick post today as we talk about favorite commercials. I have to say, this year’s commercials were a bit lackluster and only two really stand out in my mind and one of them is because it was more shocking than good (thank you Nationwide for the trauma!). So what were my favorite commercials?

First, The BMW i3 commercial that brought back Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric together as they show a scene from 1994 of the two discussing e-mail and the present day with them discussing the new BMW i3.  In my opinion, it did a great job of combining both nostalgia with humor.

My next favorite commercial was the Snickers commercial. If you frequent Tumblr you may have seen some memes concerning the Brady Bunch regarding Jan and Marcia portrayed as being a bit snippy towards one another. You can imagine the excitement when people see Snickers take advantage of using the show for humor. In this commercial Danny Trejo (a frequent actor in Robert Rodriguez’ films) plays the part of Marcia who needs a snicker to ease her hunger ending with Steve Buscemi playing Jan. Again, we have another commercial that combines humor and nostalgia though this one relies more on humor. It made me laugh and is a great entry in the brand’s “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.

Other than these two, I wasn’t impressed and judging by my social media it seems like this year was a bit lackluster. Here’s hoping the big 50th Super Bowl brings us some better commercials.