Finding a Niche

Gone are the days where the goal was to try and meet everyone’s needs through one product as the Internet and cable have pushed us to accept that universality may not be attainable. It is a fact that I myself have had to come to accept as I look at my blog. I had previously called this blog “Extraverted Musings of an ENTJ” to better accommodate all of my different interests into one blog. Unfortunately, it made my blog feel random at best and chaotic at worst with not much of a theme to tie my posts together.

To start 2015 off on the right foot, I have ditched the title for the appropriate “That Media Girl” and will focus more on media (TV, film, print, etc.). The categories will be more focused on media such as looking at retro shows or more niche/nerdy media. This also meant deleting some of my old posts that didn’t quite fit in with the new changes. While I have trimmed some posts away, I kept some of the older posts like the ones discussing personality tests because of the number of people who enjoyed them.

I know it may come off as a shock to my older followers and I’m sorry for the lack of updates the past year. But this year is a year of changes and growth and I am at the point where I can really do what I want with this blog. I hope you all stick with me, comment, like, and share my posts as I start this journey as That Media Girl.