Change of Space

Working at your home takes a certain kind of discipline that has to be cultivated. How do you stop yourself from trying to clean the house to avoid writing that article? How do you keep your eyes from wondering to the television remote and saying to yourself “it’s only to check the news” and it turns into three hours? There’s no right answer to any of these questions and it varies from person to person. My suggestion is to change your space. Whether it’s simply moving to a different room in your apartment or house or going to the library or coffee shop, a change in the space you work in can help increase your productivity.

Instead of writing behind my usual desk inside my home, this post comes from inside of a Starbucks, a rather cliched location for a writer to write but it is a welcome change compared to being myself. I don’t frequent the various web sites due to being on a public wi-fi connection and allows me to focus on my work. There’s also the fact that people tend to not want strangers looking at their Facebook page that is kept private or friends-only so you stay more focused on your work than what’s trending.

Being in a public location like a coffee shop can be beneficial if you’re an extrovert. I’m not sure if there’s truth to it but when I’m around a group of people I can feel the energy around me and feeling more refreshed than when I’m by myself. There’s also the fact that you see others working around you, whether it’s studying for their next class or a fellow writer writing, you don’t want to be the lazy one so you break out your Word document and start typing away.

As for which is the best location, that depends on what you need and what’s in your pocketbook. For me, I think I will stick with coffee shops for the time being.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you’re favorite place to study or work at and why.