Retrospective 2013 and Perspectives for 2014

You know it’s a new year when you have to remind yourself constantly to write 2014 and not 2013 on everything you write.

Since we’re nearly a week into the new year I feel like it would be best that I get to writing a retrospective on my time for 2013 and my plans and hopes for 2014.

One word to describe 2013 for me would be stable. If 2012 was the year of change with me graduating undergrad and trying to figure out my plan, 2013 was when I pretty much just went with my plan. By December I had finished the first half of my MBA program and have been consistently working at the newspaper. The one big shakeup would be taking on more duties (hence why my freelance writing will be limited) but all in all there wasn’t anything major to happen. I feel like we need that at times. After a year of uncertainties about a career and your future it’s nice to know you have a school to go to and a job to go to on a weekly basis. What’s interesting is that I feel like others around me had the shakeup with friends getting married, friends graduating and starting to work, and family members celebrating their big anniversaries.

My perspective for 2014 is the same as 2013 with a few added interests. I will continue to do my best at work, to finish my MBA program by December, and to continue and build up my exercise routine. Some newer things I will do is to get back into learning French and back to piano. I would like to be somewhat fluent before 2014 comes to a close and continue where I left off with my piano studies back in high school. Call it being well-rounded or being an artsy fartsy person but that’s what I would like to do.

I leave you with one last bit of advice for the new year. Don’t let the past hold you back but never forget the past or you can’t make the right improvements for the future.