My Summer Internships Retrospective Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 which focused out my experiences at KUT, I wanted to talk about my experiences at AARP.

The two couldn’t be any more night and day despite  both being the world of communication. I was a communication intern at AARP Texas with a focus on helping improve their YouTube page while also helping to with various communication related objectives such as adding articles to the Facebook page. The difference? I was in an office. I had to make sure I was business casual and everything was ironed neatly and my hair wasn’t go everywhere as it has the tendency to do in the summer.

It’s at this point where you might start to infer that I didn’t enjoy the corporate environment  to which I say, you were wrong and this brings me to some advice I have for anybody doing internships. If you have time to do more than one, try to do internships with different working environments. This will help you later on when you try to figure out the right job when it comes time to apply.

But beyond knowing that, the one thing I can take from AARP is learning to be more aware of people and their issues. One of the big things I did as an intern was help field the calls for our Tele-Town Hall meetings about various issues affecting those 50 and over. Now, being a 20 something college student who lived with her parents I didn’t know what affected the group beyond those commercials on TV selling Viagra and dentures. But in those moments, I may not have understood or knew the depth but I can say I can’t ignore it. And it wasn’t all depressing items such as not being able to live on social security either. Sometimes it was the feeling of not knowing what to do after retirement, the fear of starting over again, new technology, and so on. I can’t pretend to know what it’s like until I’m at that age myself. But I learned to listen. A skill that I still thank AARP for helping me to hone to this day as a freelance writer.

Overall, I enjoyed my two internship experiences. Were there downs? There’s always going to be downs (traffic, working in the heat) but I feel the ups outweighed the downs. I appreciate these two organizations for giving me the chance and if they’re reading, I want to let them know that their internship has left me with valuable experience.

So I pose a question to you all: What was the most worthwhile internship/job experience you have had so far? Leave a comment with your response to start a discussion.


2 thoughts on “My Summer Internships Retrospective Part 2

  1. Daisy says:

    I only had one internship (at a children’s advocacy center). The internship was required for my major and, at first, I was not too excited about having to do it, but I’m really glad I did. It gave me the opportunity to see what having a “real job” would be like and to make network connections I don’t think I’d have otherwise. Not to mention it also helped me figure out my long-term career goals. 🙂

    • J.Lee says:

      Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing!
      And those connections are a very important thing to have, especially with how the job market is currently.

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