My Summer Internships Retrospective Part 1

The two main purposes that college students do an internship is to:

  • Get work experience
  • Help you figure out what to do with your life

I will freely admit that I was in the first camp when I began looking for internships my junior year of college. It wasn’t until I started working there that I began to truly realize the second purpose.

The thing I’ve noticed with my generation is that we have literally all the doors of possibilities available to us that we become overwhelmed by the choices. I was in this stage as my time at UT was drawing to a close and the realization that I had no idea of what to do started to hit me. This is how I ended up at the Internship Fair at UT where I met my future boss at KUT radio. Now, I never thought about radio and would have passed the table but something inside me said to go to the table. Looking back, I was glad I had listened to that voice because I would have never knew that they did videos for the website, videos that I would help make and eventually have my own grace the website.

It was also this internship and my time at AARP (another post for another day) that helped me to realize that I enjoyed telling stories. Not just any stories but real life stories of real people. I enjoyed my time in the studio interviewing the various people, listening in to interviews and hearing amazing stories. I braved the Texas heat to walk to the Cactus Cafe to help with another filming of Views and Brews. I met amazing people both co-workers and my interviewees as we chatted about life and got to know different points of view. I didn’t know it at the time but I think that time helped me to prepare for my current work as a regular contributor to my local newspaper.

I hope to eventually get back into my video making and continue to hear about people’s lives but until then, I’ll be writing away. I leave you all with one of my favorite videos I’ve done for KUT.


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