It’s Been a Year

It’s been a year since I’ve graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and I must say this year took me to some interesting places. I’ve seen New York City, interviewed for several jobs, been accepted and completed my first semester in graduate school, and have been freelance writing for about six months. But this post isn’t about what I’ve done but rather tips I want to share with all the new graduates out there.

  • Have a plan. Be sure you have a plan when you graduate.
  • Don’t be strung around by your plan. Sometimes your plan won’t go the way you want so try and be flexible.
  • Be prepared for a long job search. You might not find a job in the first few months of graduating. If you can that’s great, if not do not despair. And yes, even people with science degrees can have a hard time as well.
  • Don’t pursue grad school willy nilly.
  • It’s okay to stay with your parents/family members. As long as you’re doing something productive, most parents will let you stay in their house for a few years.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed if you’re not at the job you want or haven’t gotten a job yet. I can guarantee you you are not alone.
  • Join a Young Professionals group. Networking is good for getting yourself acquainted with the businesses in your area and who knows, you may even find a friend.
  • Don’t let your social life die. Maybe you can’t do as many midnight runs to Steak ‘n’ Shake like you used to but it’s good to still do something social. Join an organization or look up the various events going around in your city.

I’m not going to lie and say that it’s been easy to follow my own tips. I still can feel embarrassed for staying with my parents. I hated the sting of rejection when I didn’t get the call back I wanted from a job. But you have to keep moving forward. Your first year after college is filled with uncertainty if you’re not sure if you are going to pursue more education. It’s a scary time and it most likely doesn’t help with how the economy is doing right now. But you know what? I still think you can do it. I believe that things will work themselves out as long as you got good people behind you and for some of my more religious people, your faith.

So to a 2013 graduate from a 2012 graduate, I welcome you to life after college.