Looking at Four Skills PR Newbies Need (according to PR daily)

If you haven’t been reading PR Daily, you might want to check it out once in a while for any public relations related news.  This week, the website published the article “4 Skills PR Newbies Should Possess (If they want a job)” and I have to say it’s an interesting read. The four skills, descending from most important are writing skills, internship experience, social media experience, and multimedia experience. The first three are no-brainers and I would find it hard to find someone who would disagree with those three. (If someone did dispute writing skills, I want to ask them if they understand PR.) I wanted to take a look at multimedia experience.

This last one is considered not as important and even not expected according to the article’s writer, Jeremy Porter. Personally, I think maybe we should be looking for those with multimedia experience. When I talk about multimedia, I’m talking about being able to mix photography, video, and sound together to create a product. As I’ve talked about before on this blog, I have had an internship where I have had to create videos for the local NPR affiliate. I think having these skills are important because it means less outsourcing for a company. Sure, you won’t be able to make a full-scale Super Bowl commercial (nor should you try without professionals) but if you’re looking for someone who understands the medium to explain to clients or make short videos for smaller businesses you would be better off having someone in-house.  Even if you didn’t produce the videos, you would at least understand what goes on and can be on even footing if you contracted a videographer.

I also think this is a skill that could set apart the Journalism and Television/Film students from the PR students. As someone who has taken PR classes, did PR internships and has a degree in Film, I can tell you I did get doors opened for me for interviews. As long as you have published sources of your writing, you can become a valuable potential employee.