First Week of Grad School

If there was anything to sum up my first week of grad school, it would be to be self-sufficient.

While there wasn’t a lot of hand holding in undergrad, grad school seems to be 55% class learning and 45% on your own time learning. This is understandable since, from what I can gather, most professors believe that you are at an age where you should be able to study on your own without prodding and reminders from the teacher.

The other thing that happens is that you will notice that some of your peers will have full time jobs, be married, have kids, or all of the above. This especially seems the case for the MBA program in which some schools encourage you to have worked for a while. If you are a single student without kids, don’t feel like you are left out. When you’re in the classroom, everyone’s a student. From the young recent grad to the 50 year old whose kids are also going to college, you will be put on an even playing field when you enter the classroom doors.

As for my own personal feelings? I believe I made the right choice in my major and the school and I feel like this, along with my freelance writing job has gotten me out of my post-graduation funk. Grad school isn’t for everyone though, so while this helped me, it might not help you. Overall, I look forward to this semester to see what grad school will bring to me.