Review of New Myspace

Well if isn’t a blast from middle school past. MySpace has decided to revamp themselves and as someone interested in social media, I decided to see if I could get an invite to the beta testing. Sure enough, I was recently given an invite to the brand new MySpace and I decided to give the site a once through and tell you my thoughts and criticism.

First off, it looks like MySpace is only targeting one particular audience and that is the creative crowd.  We had terms like singer, writer, filmmaker, and photographer that you can pick to describe yourself. One of the things I have noticed is that when I put in filmmaker, I could no longer make my profile private and I had to remove that description from my profile.  The assumption could be that as a filmmaker you would want to show everyone your work yet I could maintain a private profile with the photographer tag.  That just seems strange to me.

As for usability, I like how you scroll sideways rather than the traditional up and down. It feels less tedious and very modern. To connect with people and mixes is pretty much call connecting. You connect mixes, connect to people and connect to artists. Using this word instead of “friending” like Facebook give the site a much more community based appeal and make it seem more professional. This would be good if you’re an artist who’s trying to establish oneself in professional circles.

The site also seems more geared toward musicians with the bottom bar being pretty a music player where you can add music from any of the artists on the site. This would be great if you’re trying to get your music out and having MySpace members with your song in their queue would be great publicity.  There’s also the mixes you can add to the bottom bar as well to help people discover music.

In fact, looking through the site, I can’t help but wonder if despite having to choose a label I should be here if I’m not a musician. On the discover aspect of the website, the videos are all music related, mixes is a tab on its own along with radio and music. The only thing not quite music related is the people tab where you can see people and you need to search for anything that isn’t music related.

Overall, I give the site a B for modernizing itself but had to take points off for making it more about music rather than as a site more dedicated to artists.