Bloggers Being Taken Seriously?

I read an interesting article in PR News titled “Pitching Bloggers vs. Traditional Media” that details the four steps to pitching to a blogger and how the steps are different than pitching to a reporter of traditional media. I say the article is interesting because it seems like we’re now getting to a point where bloggers are now being treated equally with reporters from more established entities like The New York Times. I remember at one point that the whole idea of bloggers being catered to was ridiculous because bloggers were more synonymous with amateur writers. But with more journalists writing for both print and online media, blogs getting information out first and just the ease of reading a blog, it looks like bloggers might finally be taken more seriously.

That’s not to say that all blogs are equal. A PR person still needs to go after the big blogs, the one with they have thousands of views per day and thousands of followers hanging to the blogger’s words. Still, it’s important that we treat these bloggers with respect because of how fast they can send an article out online versus for someone waiting to get their article published in a magazine or newspaper. I think the most interesting thing laid out in the PR News article is the fact that bloggers like to share their posts. I think this is most likely the biggest reason why they’re being catered to is because of how efficient a blogger will be at sharing their post and if they have a large enough following, the post can spread like wildfire, catching the eyes of other bloggers.

I do think we still have a while to go before bloggers are without a doubt considered legitimate news people but I think when more articles like the one I read come out, we might get there sooner than we think.