Nintendo: Time to Go Mobile?

Wii U Controller

Wii U Controller (Photo credit: ze_bear)

I recently read an article in The New York Times about Nintendo’s hope that the Wii U will bring it the video game maker back into prominence what with the company losing $560 million dollars in the fiscal year ending in March 31 and revenue being a third of what it was three years ago. So who’s the big competitior that is taking away some of the business.

Mobile and Tablet games. I’m talking about Angry Birds, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. And really, it makes sense. You have a smart phone or tablet that not only can do all of the varied functions like take pictures and surf the web, having games that only cost you a dollar or so makes it seem more economical to forgo the console. Granted, you can’t do things like Dance Dance Revolution or Rock Band but that’s only a few games that people will buy.

Maybe it is time for Nintendo to start releasing some games exclusive to mobile phone and tablet users. The company already has a cast of recognizable characters like Mario, having games with those characters would be a big hit. Plus, they could reach a brand new audience that may not have otherwise cared about games.

But the one big thing Nintendo can do is to redefine the meaning of what it means to be a gamer. They already have had their games be played by people that other companies don’t target such as the senior citizens, why not get the mobile phone people as well. While I doubt video game consoles will go away, they could become more of a niche item than they have been. Tapping into the mobile phone industry could not only keep the company afloat but also be a gateway to other Nintendo products.


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