No Sole Creator to Movies

Cover of "Making Movies"

Cover of Making Movies

Back in 2010, I visited an exhibit at the Harry Ransom Center titled “Making Movies”. The exhibit basically outlined all of the jobs that take to make a film, from the producer and director to wardrobe and props. The exhibit was an eye opener for me as a second year RTF student who was still trying to find where they fit.

I bring this up because I thought about the exhibit and I came to an interesting realization about the nature of films: There is no sole creator. Yes, there are lead creators, people who spearhead the creative teams but they are not the only people to create these characters, these scenes in the movies we all love. The producer decides what will be considered palatable to audiences, the director orchestrates, the writer gives them language, the wardrobe give characters style and the actors bring their own gestures and dialect to their character. Not to mention that cinematographers, lights and stunts help to bring settings to life. If any of these people fail, the movie begins to suffer.

The purpose of this post was simple a short appreciation for everyone who is involved with the art of film making and television and to have people understand that a movie is not just director, writer and actors but a group of people coming together to make art. I definitely encourage all of you to look into the film making process more.