How to Do: Recommendations

Do you have a friend you want to recommend to your workplace? Do you have a friend who has recommended you for a job? I’m going to talk about what to do in both of these situations.

When recommending a friend, make sure they are actually qualified for the job. When I planned my leave from my internship, I wanted the job of video editor to go to someone I know I can do the job. Also, have your friend meet your bosses so your bosses can get a good feel about them. The big thing you have to remember before recommending people is that your reputation is on the line. If the person you recommend does well and even surpasses what you said about him, people will trust your judgment. If that person fails, it looks bad on you.

This bring me to the next point on what to do when someone recommends you. You need to be aware that while the work you do will represent you, you are representing the person who recommended you. If the person has secured you an interview, you better be there 15 minutes before hand. If they invited you to dinner with their boss, be sure that you are dressed nicely. If you are given a trial period, make sure you do the best you can do. You don’t have to be near perfect, but you need to look like you put 100% effort into it.

Remember, recommendations are very important in job searches and creating stronger relationships between people, so be aware of what to do when it’s your turn.