Review of Campbell’s Go Soups

Logo of Campbell's Soup Company

Logo of Campbell’s Soup Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A month or so ago, I saw a brand new addition to the soup aisle called Campbell’s Go Soups.  Just from looking at it, I already knew it was aimed at people my own age. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I decided to actually buy and try one of their soups. I’ll discuss at how it was advertised, the eating experience and how it all fared.

When you first look at the Go Soups, you can tell that it was meant for the Millennial generation, specifically the young twenty-somethings. Each soup has a different face on the packaging, one face even sporting hipster glasses. It also separates itself from the other Campbell soups by being packaged in a plastic bag rather than an aluminum can, the old way of storing food. The package is very minimalist with just one color on each of the different soups. One of the big draws for their new line are the flavors they’re offering. Don’t expect to see Tomato or Chicken Noodle, instead you have Golden Lentil with Madras Curry and Moroccan Style Chicken with Chickpeas. To really set the line away from the others, the company decided to go for the “exotic” tastes since Millennials are usually more adventurous in their food consumption. I can attest for that seeing as most people in Austin trying or selling different foods were in their twenties or thirties.

For my own experience, I decided to try the  Creamy Red Pepper with Gouda. First off, the package is really great and if you’re a person who likes to bring lunch with you, the package can be easy to tote along. I also like how they have fingerprints on the side to show you where you can pick up the soup after it’s done cooking so you won’t burn your fingers off. Very cute and very clever on the design team’s part. The one disadvantage to the packaging is unlike their other microwaveable soups, you do need to pour it into a bowl or thermos, so you’ll need to pack that in your lunchbox. For the soup I had, it tasted amazing. It exceeded my expectations with what microwaveable soup can be and I love the creaminess of the soup. The roasted red pepper was definitely in there unlike some other soups that are more content to have the flavor and not include the vegetable. Overall, I give it an 8/10.

Final Thoughts: Can this soup be the beginning for a whole new line for Campbell’s or will it be a fad? In my own honest opinion, I think the packaging might not go over too well and might be seen as too catering to Millennials who will outright dismiss it and older people believing it’s not for them. I think Campbell’s Go Soups, while still focusing on the Millennials, should try and market the soup more to the adventurous crowd who loves trying different food. Other than that, I do think this soup line has potential and if with the right marketing and flavors could be around for a while.