To Grad School or Not?

MBA Students at lecture

MBA Students at lecture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After a few months of deliberation, I’m taking the plunge and applying for grad school. The reason I chose to apply is because financially, I am able to go to school without being in debt. According to the USAA article “30 Things You Should Know About Money by Age 30“, grad school is not a solution to unemployment and you should only pursue it if it fits within your career goals. I think this is sound advice that we should take because it’s very tempting to go back for another degree because we can’t find employment. I would recommend holding off for at least two semesters (equivalent of about six months) before applying anywhere. The same goes for going back for a second Bachelor’s degree. Hold yourself off and see how well your job search is going. If you can’t even get an interview in the industry that you want, it may be a good time to look into grad school.

Looking at my own career goals, I realized I want to eventually be in a managerial position and having an MBA would greatly enhance my chances to achieve this goal. I came to this conclusion by evaluating where my strengths lied and looking back at how I did at undergrad. If you, like me, noticed you did well in business oriented class like Management or at the very least enjoyed it, consider looking into an MBA.

There’s also the realization that while I do like the world of entertainment, films and television, I am not cut out for the actual production part. This includes setting up cameras, directing, cinematography, etc. The only parts I enjoyed doing was editing, casting and overall getting the project off the ground. Getting an MBA would give me the base knowledge to know the business end such as finances and marketing. This applies to anybody who wants to major in something with a different title than your Bachelor’s Degree. If you want to be an entertainment lawyer, go to law school. If you want to do more in media studies, go get a Media Studies or Communication Studies masters or PhD.

Above all else, make sure what ever program you do apply to is accredited. One good organization that has a list for business programs is the Accreditation Council For Business Schools and Programs. When you get your graduate degree, you want potential employers to at least know that your degree and what you have learned will meet their standards.

I can’t say for sure if grad school is for everybody but I hope this post helped anybody with making any decisions. As for myself, it’s time to get back into my application mindset.


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