Crowd Funding

I recently read an interesting article about the six critical crowd funding mistakes a person or organization can make. If you are about to do crowd funding through sites like Kickstarter, please read this article so you can be a bit prepared.

That said, I can’t help but wonder how does one come to the decision to do crowd funding and what do you, as a person or organization, need before embarking on this path. From my own personal observations, I’ve noticed the more successful programs tend to be from people with an established presence online or off. Let’s take the webseries Awkard Black Girl as an example of a successful crowdfunding. Using Kickstarter, not only did the show get the backing, it went above the requested amount. I’ve also seen some that floundered because they don’t have the popularity to back them up and the people they do know just don’t have to donate.

Why am I bringing this up? At some point, I think I may want to do a Kickstarter. Not now but sometime in the near future. I think we usually see crowd funding for shows simply because it’s more publicized but I think we can go further with crowd funding. I want to keep this as an option in case getting an investment doesn’t pan and getting a loan seems like more of a headache. I have ideas but nothing concrete as of this post. When I do have a project, I think crowdfunding might be in the cards.