Millennials and News: Match Made in Hell?

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I recently just read an article in the Ragan’s PR Daily titled “Study: Millennials Think Today’s News is Garbage” and I just can’t help but write a post about this study.

Of course you have the obvious results such as Millennials accessing news through their smart phones and sharing said news through social media, but what really stood out to me were ideas that Millennials do not depend on news to help with their daily lives and that being informed is not important.

For the first point, I can honestly see that happening due to us using smart phones to read news. We no longer have to wait by the TV to get the latest news and we don’t have to depend on the newspaper for weather. Why set a time to read or watch news when I can access easily through an app on my smart phone? And even if I didn’t have a smart phone, my laptop can keep me updated as well. I do believe that this all comes down to access and quickness. Millennials don’t want to spend time sifting through the newspaper or watching TV, we want to just turn on our laptops or smart phones and get the news that matters most. Gone are the days where in the morning you grab a cup of coffee and read the newspaper replaced with turning on the laptop and checking Twitter for any news updates.

The second point makes me more skeptical. I’m not sure where the author got the answers from for the study, but from my own experience as a millennial and interacting with friends in my generation I do believe we care about being informed. We share important news with one another on social media, bookmarked various news sites on our laptops and have apps that tell update us on the minute. Perhaps the main problem is that the news is so saturated with everything from random studies about apples to celebrity gossip that it’s too much of an overload. We want to be informed, but we don’t need to be informed about everything. Maybe if every news station or newspaper wasn’t trying to fit everything that could interest every group, we might be more inclined to pay attention. But these are all just observations on my part.

This article is more about marketing the new book that’s out that covers this subject, a book I might rent just to see what it’s all about and if it explains why she believes Millennials don’t feel that being informed is important. But enough of my own opinions, what do you all think?