ENTJ Females: Are There Really Not That Many of Us?


I am ENTJ (Photo credit: .jun)

According to this site, ENTJs make up only 2% of the population and of that 2%, only 1% of ENTJs are female. Personally, I believe the number of females might be larger. I’m not sure where they got their data but if it was through a survey, the results might be skewed due to some females not realizing they are ENTJ or not admitting to it and who can blame them.

ENTJ and its companion, INTJ, are personality types that aren’t traditionally associated with women due to the types using more rational train of thoughts and feelings not being the top priority for them. In our society, if a woman has these traits, traits that labeled as masculine, they are considered undesirable and are not as respected when they use these traits in the work world. One example is the need to take charge hence the ENTJ nickname of “The Fieldmarshall”. Speaking from my own experiences, you always want to take charge if you’re a strong ENTJ, whether it be at work or social. This comes against the notion that women can’t be leaders due to not being dominant or forceful enough. There is also the trait of being blunt and straightforward with everyone. Subtely is not part of a ENTJ vocabulary and in a world where women are expected not to voice their opinions directly, it makes things harder for the ENTJ female to not feel like an outsider.

So what does an ENTJ female do? Most likely, they have to repress their natural traits in order to fit into society. I have tried this once and was miserable. I do believe that ENTJ females are become more accepted in our society as we stop putting mascuiline or feminine labels to traits. It will take a while but eventually, I do believe that personality types won’t be limited based on gender.




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