Dr. Dan Reiland’s Spiritual Gifts

I took another personality assessment! Rather I took an assessment of my skills.

Spiritual Gift Lists

Spiritual Gift Lists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At my church, my mom and I attended a leadership training day and one of the activities we had to do was to take Dr. Reiland’s Spiritual Gifts assessment. Basically, you would read each statement and choose a number between 0 and 4 to designate how much that statement represents you. You then add all the numbers in their respective rows and the row(s) with highest number is your spiritual gift. This assessment is pretty straightforward and won’t require much effort on your part beyond simple addition. While you’ll have a lot of gifts with numbers in them, the three highest numbers are the ones that are the most prominent within yourself. For example, my gifts were Administration, Leadership, and Hospitality. This meant I had the abilities to organize, to lead and, to make people feel “at home”.Other gifts on the list include Faith, Music, Teaching and Wisdom. Since this assessment is geared towards those of the Christian faith, those of other religions, atheists, or agnostics might not be served as well taking it, especially since some of the gifts are more biblical in nature such speaking in tongues  or being an evangelist. This doesn’t mean it won’t be of any help as your results could still signify what your strengths are, such as music, knowledge, or craftsmanship and can better help understand your place in the workplace. If you are of the Christian faith and want to serve more with your church community, I would definitely recommend taking the test.

Any other assessments you would like me to review, please post a comment on this entry and I’ll try to get to doing those.