Interview Time! Part 2: The Questions

Before you go to an interview, it’s best to always practice your responses to various questions. The most commonly asked questions in my own experience are:

  • “Tell me about yourself”-Keep it concise and clear.
  • “What do you know about our company?”-This question is a way for employers to see how interested you are. If you can’t answer jack
  • “What is your greatest strength?”
  • Name a moment where you succeeded.
  • Name a moment where you failed.
  • “What is your weakness?”-Don’t lie. Just state your weakness such as “I’m not very good with details” or “I’m a bit disorganized”. Do spin it positively though by saying “I’m working on improving myself in that area”.
  • “Why do you think you would be a great fit for our company?”

There are plenty of more questions, some pertaining to the type of work you’ll do and others will be follow ups to the questions above. These questions will be featured in every interview, so practice your responses and tailor them for each position. Your event planning skills probably don’t need to be mentioned if you’re applying for a sales job.