Interview Time!: Part 1

Congratulations! You’ve got your suit. You’ve got the map and directions to the place and all the required documents. Now it’s time to actually do the interview!

  • First things first, know who you’re interviewing with. There is nothing more awkward than walking up to a secretary and not knowing who you’re supposed to see. Remember, secretaries will talk about what you have done.
  • Make sure your cell phone is off or silent. If you even think of texting during an interview, kiss your chances goodbye!
  • Make sure your handshake is firm when you meet the interviewer.
  • No day dreaming while the employer is discussing the job. It makes you look uninterested in the position.
  • Always have at least one to two questions to ask the employer. One of those questions should NOT be about the salary. You can ask about it once you’re offered the job.
  • No chewing gum while at the interview. If you want your breath to be minty fresh chew the gum at least 30 minutes before the interview to give it time to work and time for you to spit it out.
  • When conversing, try to avoid long pauses and saying “umm” and “like” in place of actual meaningful words.
  • It’s okay to engage in a little small talk with your employer if they start it. It helps to relax you and allows more of your sparkling personality to show through.
  • Always say thank you to the employer for meeting with you and if you don’t have their contact information, go and ask them for their business card or for way to contact them. You’ll need to write thank you cards or e-mails to them the next day.

Part 2 will go in-depth into how to answer the type of questions commonly asked in interviews.


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