Searching for the Best DSLR

After saving up my money, I have finally decided to take the plunge and buy a Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera or DSLR . I have been looking at various brands and models for the past year and I have to go with the Canon Rebel T3i. I was down to Nikon‘s D5100 and Canon’s T3i. Both took spectacular pictures  and have a tilted screen. Both felt right when I picked them up at the store. What gave the T3i the edge for me? Video mode.

If I only wanted to take pictures, I would’ve gone with Nikon since it was a little cheaper than the T3i but after looking at the video footage, I decided against it. I wanted a DSLR that could do both equally and with my experience with working with the T2i, T3i’s predecessor, I have to go with Canon on this. There’s also the added bonus in that the audio sounds better and I can manually control the audio levels and attach my own mic to the camera.

If you’re thinking of buying a DSLR, the first thing you need to do is consider what’ll it be used for. Is it only for pictures? Pictures with a little video? Equal? Or mostly video? For those primarily using it for video, this would be a great starter camera until you can afford a better one. If you’re interested in multimedia like I am, you’ll probably need a DSLR that can do both really well and the Canon brand seems to do just that.

If you’re wondering why I’m not buying the T4i, it’s because I don’t see the purpose. It seems to do the same as the T3i minus a few tricks here and there. Plus, with my budget I might want to also purchase a recording device or another lens for the camera which I can’t do with the T4i.

I’ll do a post later reviewing the camera once I buy it. Until then, if you want some extra help with cameras I suggest watching videos from DigitalRevTV on Youtube. This video below helped me with my decision.