What To Do When You’re Unemployed

Congratulations, you graduated from college! Now it’s time to get a job!…Only that job hasn’t come yet. You’ve got interviews, of course, but nothing concrete where you can pack your bags and start apartment hunting. The question now is what do you do while you’re unemployed and looking for a full-time career. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Do a part-time job. Your parents might be more willing to let you stay at their house if you have some income of your own coming in. Try and keep it in the same career family as your job search i.e. Working at a retail store and trying to break into a manager trainee position.
  2. Volunteer. Go volunteer and use it as experience and a way to give back to your community. Look at places close to what you want a career. (Volunteer at a hospital if you want to get into the medical field)
  3. Take classes. I’m not saying full-on enroll in a school, just take a few classes to supplement your degree and improve yourself. Some great classes are business and computer programming classes.
  4. For the creative and humanities degrees, do some freelance work. I, myself, have applied for a few freelance editor positions. It keeps you in your field of work, adds to your resume, and gives some income.
  5. Travel. If you have some saved up funds, go do the cliché and just travel. This is especially good for recent grads who probably don’t have a family or house payment to tie them down.

Getting a job will take some time but it can’t take up all of your time. Try some of these tips and who knows, maybe you can find a job through these avenues.