T is for Thinker, That’s Good Enough for Me

I wanted to expand upon my Myers-Briggs results a bit here by focusing on the one I got the highest score on, Thinking (T).

According to to the site, myersbriggs.org, Thinking types are people whose decision making abilities are more logical in approach. You try to be fair and not let yours or other people’s feelings get in the way of making a decision. Basically, I’m a Spock. I have to say that for me, being a Thinker is completely true of me. I always try and weigh the pros and cons of every situation. Now that’s not to say that Feelers don’t use this same decision making, but their pros and cons would take into account others’ feelings on the matter whereas Thinkers don’t factor that into the equation.

One misconception is that Thinkers are cold, cruel people who don’t care about anything and I have to say that is a false notion. While I will admit that people’s feelings don’t come up first in my decision making, that doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge them. Feelers, please don’t think we’re cruel. If you tell us that our decisions hurt you in any way, most of us will consider it. Feelers, despite what some might say, you’re needed in the world to keep us Thinkers from completely disregarding everybody. But it’s also unfair to ask us to always put emotions into our decision making. Sometimes you have to make a decision based on logic alone in order to be fair and sometimes you can’t take in everybody’s feelings in the matter, especially if there are way too many people in the organization.

Thinkers, I know it’s hard to take everyone’s feelings into account so here are some tips for you:

  • Always run the decision by someone else, specifically a person who is a Feeler.
  • Try not to be too rash with your decision
  • Always ask yourself, “How would so and so feel about this?”

I hope this helps the understanding of Thinkers and if you have any questions, please leave a comment.



2 thoughts on “T is for Thinker, That’s Good Enough for Me

  1. younglifeperception says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. It is true that many feelers can look at thinkers as cold and uncaring people when that in reality is just a misconception. There are cold and uncaring people that are both feelers and thinkers. A personality just shows which preferences a person has when interacting with the real world. I would like to add that there are 2 different kinds of thinking. There is introverted thinking which is focusing about details meticulously internally and extroverted thinking is thinking in terms of broad generalizations to make things happen efficiently in the real world. When you learn what thinking function you prefer, it helps you understand yourself on a deeper level. I hope this helps lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself. Great post!

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