Life and Times of an ENTJ

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I decided to do two entries since I published the Myers Brigg. To keep with the theme, I want to look at my own personality type, ENTJ or Extroverted iNtuitive, Thinking and Judging.Also known as the Field Marshall or cold hearted slavemaster by others. On the whole, we like to be leaders, steadfast in our beliefs, big picture and are up to any challenge you throw at us. We tend to come off as too forceful and are not as in tuned with other people’s emotions.

I’ve taken the test 4 times, with the results being the same so I’m pretty sure this is it. I’ll go by each letters and give tips to anyone in this section or just how to deal.

E: I scored around 55% on this one and I can believe that. I like being around people. Talking in huge groups doesn’t bother me and I’m always the first to initiate a hanging out time. Now, while some can’t stand being around introverts, I feel like having a family member who is an introvert helps me be more understanding of this type.  I’ll know that they prefer to do one on one time rather than huge party and prefer my full attention on them. Also, extroverts remember not all introverts are shy or hate you, they just prefer smaller groups when it comes to hanging out. The best way to describe it is that when an extrovert is surrounded by people, they gather energy and feel more alive whereas an introvert tires easily if they’re around people for too long.

N: I actually scored around 52% so I’m a bit more half and half with this. While I am very big picture person and have problems with details, I have a sort of pragmatic temperance of my big picture, if that makes sense. I see it the picture but can figure out if it’s possible or not. To Sensers, when you’re dealing us, don’t give too many details. We get bored and will interrupt you and say get on with it. I suggest telling us the big idea upfront and we’ll help you see to it. Also, we need you guys to look over any details we miss in our big project plan so intuitive people, find a senser and have them on your team.

T: I actually scored 64% on thinking and let’s say it’s very obvious. I tend to be very rational due to my innate personality and my family environment. My parents encouraged us to think rationally, be honest and not to let things get too personal. While it may seem I take things personally, the next day I forget about it. Unfortunately, especially if you’re a woman, you come off as very cold to whoever you’re working with. Remember other types, we don’t hate you and we can feel emotions. We simply express it differently and it’s harder to express our emotions freely. Example, I always sound awkward giving thanks to a person who I know did a good job. I realized I was better off writing out my thanks or showing it through my actions to avoid looking insincere. Also, thinkers try showing your appreciation for people by doing a job for them or giving them a treat. Lastly, before you give criticism, look at the type of person you’re dealing with and adjust your criticism according to how sensitive they are. This will make you a better manager and leader if you do this. I’ve had to soften my tone of voice towards people who would perceive it as yelling.

J: This is another close to the middle of the road. While I do like to have plans and need rules, I feel like I’m a tad more flexible with my plans and if we go off schedule, I’ll freak for a little then come up with a new plan. Other types, be sure you have a plan, doesn’t even have to be detailed, it just needs to have a plan. And never spring up something on ENTJs or other Judging types at the last minute. They might go along with you, but they’ll be in a terrible mood and bring your mood down with them. Judging types, this will be hard for us, but you have to learn to go with the flow sometimes. I’ve had to learn this as I got into college realizing that people will make spontaneous plans.

ENTJs are a rare type, with some sources saying we only make up 2% of the population. This can make us a little hard to understand by other types, though an INTJ type will be more understading. This is especially true for me as a woman who  could comes off as argumentative and headstrong, traits society says that women can’t be.  I’ve learned to be less blunt with my thoughts and try to take others’ feelings into consideration. If I can’t, I’ll always ask someone who is better at that than me for advice. Like I said in the Myers-Brigg entry, we need other types to thrive and succeed.


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